Christmas Messiah for Young Voices

Messiah - Written in 1741 by G.F. Handel, Messiah is one of the most well known works of classic vocal literature ever created.  Loved by both the occasional classical music listener as well as those who have dedicated their lives to classical music, Messiah contains what are arguably the most widely known vocal chorus' ever written.  Now these timeless classics can be sung by children in simple, easy to sing arrangements.  Messiah for Young Voices also includes optional Orff Instrumentation for several well known pieces. The Christmas portion of our Messiah includes:

  1. -And The Glory

  2. -For Unto Us A Child is Born

  3. -O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion

  4. -Glory To God

  5. -Hallelujah Chorus

  6. -And more...

Created by: Tim Sharp

Arranged by: James M. Stevens & Daniel Landes

Orchestrated by: Vernon M. Whaley

Cost: $6.95

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Gloria for Young Voices

Gloria, written by Antonio Vivalidi, has been a lesser known work known by few until Alfredo Casella brought great awareness to it in 1939 at Vivaldi Week in Siena.  Since that time Gloria has not only surged to become one of Vivaldi's greatest known works, but it has also been recorded by more than 100 recordings and is now performed commonly around the world.  Now for the first time ever children can be exposed to this wonderful music and perform it in simple, easy to sing arrangements.  Not only that, this setting includes both English and Latin translations.  Collection includes:

  1. -Gloria

  2. -We Praise You God

  3. -Lord God Almighty

  4. -Son of The Father

  5. -With The Holy Ghost

  6. -And more...

Created and arranged by:  Tim Sharp & Vernon M. Whaley

Drama by: John Plastow

Orchestrated by:  Vernon M. Whaley

Cost: $6.95

Classic Choruses for Young Voices

Classic Choruses for Young Voices presents 5 of the most popular songs from our other works as well as 5 new classics that children love to sing.  Some of the world’s most renowned composers are represented in this collection including César Franck, Camille Saint-Saéns, Theodore Dubois, Jonathan Stainer, G.F. Handel, Antonio Vivaldi and Felix Mendelssohn. Songs include: 

  1. -Christ We Do All Adore Thee

  2. -O Lord Most Holy

  3. -Praise to The Lord of Hosts

  4. -God So Loved The World

  5. -He Watching Over Israel

  6. -And more...

Created by:  Tim Sharp

Orchestrated by:  Wes Ramsey & Vernon M. Whaley

Cost: $6.95

Mendelssohn’s Elijah for Young Voices

Elijah is the Classic Masterpieces for Young Voices version of Felix Mendelssohn's famous oratorio "Elijah".  It is the first of our Classic Masterpieces series to be based on Romantic music rather than Baroque.  Elijah presents the biblical story of Elijah in oratorio form.  Since it's first performance in 1846 at the Birmingham Festival in England, Elijah has been one of the world's most loved Oratorios.  Community chorus' around the world have performed this work annually.  Now Children can also experience the joys of Elijah.  This collection includes:

  1. -Cast Thy Burdens on The Lord

  2. -Baal, We Cry To Thee

  3. -O Rest In The Lord

  4. -He Watching Over Israel

  5. -Lord Our Creator

  6. -And More...

Created & arranged by: Tim Sharp & Vernon M. Whaley

Drama by: Connie Fortunato

Orchestrated by: Vernon M. Whaley

Cost: $6.95

Easter Messiah for Young Voices

Easter Messiah for Young Voices is the continuation of our flagship product "Christmas Messiah for Young Voices".  While maintaining the same charm and simplicity as it's older brother, Easter Messiah contains the following pieces typically sung around the Easter season:

  1. -All We Like Sheep

  2. -I Know My Redeemer Lives

  3. -The Trumpet Shall Sound

  4. -Worthy Is The Lamb

  5. -Hallelujah Chorus

  6. -And more...

Created by:  Tim Sharp

Orchestrated by:  Wes Ramsey & Vernon M. Whaley

Cost: $6.95

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“I have alternated Vivaldi's Gloria, and the Christmas Messiah for over eight very successful years with my Children's Choir.  The feedback I receive from students and parents is always so enthusiastic.”

  1. – Debby

  2. Salt Lake City, UT

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All We Like Sheep

I Know My Redeemer Lives

Easter Messiah Sampler

“We performed Easter Messiah for Young Voices this year for the first time during Lent.  The response from our church was overwhelming.  Thank you so much for creating such wonderful products for our children.”

– Dr. Billy McNeely

St. Louis MO


“Our 6th Grade choir has found your Classic Choruses a pleasure to sing.  We have used them 6 years straight for our regional competitions and we’re happy to say we’ve won 4 of our trips.  We always have great compliments on our song selections.  Thanks!”

– Cynthia Wright

Oklahoma City, OK


“Elijah is the first recording our church children’s choir has done.  It was fantastic. Our kids left the project with so much confidence and pride.  I have seen it truly change their lives”.

– Brian Trevor

Ft. Lauderdale, FL